STITCH PREMIUM by BAD BOY Makes Hollywood Debut in "CREED"

Ryan Coogler, the young film director who wrote and directed Fruitvale Station has created another masterpiece in the new Rocky movie, Creed. I was blessed to get the role as the cutman, working side by side with Sylvester Stallone and Michael B Jordan during the six week shoot in Rocky Balboa's home town of Philadelphia. During the filming I can tell you that this movie will make you laugh, will be action packed and will also blow your mind! You might even shed a tear or two!

It was an unbelievable experience to see how well Coogler and Stallone worked together to make sure the movie has a realistic plot. Knowing my experience in the boxing world, I was often asked my opinion on many of the scenes.

Every morning before we went to the set I would go to Michael's trailer and wrap his hands. The prop team had ordered basic white tape and I wrapped his hands with it the first two days, even though it wasn’t the best way to protect his hands. Knowing that a hand injury could halt production I had to speak up. I showed MBJ the Stitch Premium tape and he loved the feel. So did the director.

There were moments in filming when I literally got goose bumps and chills seeing the emotional relationship between Rocky and Adonis. I still can't believe I was in the middle of all this action and I would be forever part of the Rocky series.

Teaming up with Bad Boy and working together to supply fighters, trainers and gyms with the best tape available, I never would have dreamt that we would go Hollywood!

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