Michael Page Dances All Over Holloway After Unusual Submission

Michael Page posted his 10th MMA win with an odd submission victory over Jeremie Holloway. Page planted his opponent on the mat with the first punch of the fight and looked on track for a quick KO, but Holloway managed to get up and bide his time in the clinch to recover.

That survival skill wasn’t quite enough as Page landed another heavy strike and forced a scramble. Holloway threw some illegal looking kicks off his back to try and defend himself which the ref didn’t call but it didn’t matter. Page leaned in on a toe hold and got the pro-wrestling looking submission at the 2:15 point of round 1.

His celebration is pulled straight from the Instagram of Maryland Terrapin’s basketball player Jared Nickens, who has not yet given a name to this very good dance.

A video posted by Jared Nickens (@jnickens_) on

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