Armed Force Entertainment X Titan FC

Titan Fighting Championship is working with Armed Force Entertainment to help train active duty military overseas. Titan FC COO Lex McMahon spent years as an active duty Marine, and supporting military has been a primary focus for him.

"I spent eight years in the Marine Corps, four years on active duty with two tours to Somalia and time in the reserves while I was in college after I got out of active duty. So my experiences in Somalia highlighted to me that there was a real need to boost morale. It's been my personal passion, philanthropically, to try to serve the troops and the veterans in any way I can, really since I got out," he told FOX Sports.


Training with pro fighters and getting a stack of Bad Boy gear is certainly good for morale, but that's not the most important reason to run these seminars. According to McMahon, it can be difference between a successful mission or casualties.

"It can save their lives. The things that they are taught in a four hour grappling session, they could learn one piece, one move that when they are down range and get into a hand-to-hand situation, which happens quite a bit, they could learn something that would save their lives. To me, that's everything."

For more information from Lex McMahon and the Titan fighters who ran the programs read Damon Martin's full piece at

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