Bad Boy Stitch Premium Ultimate Cornerman Kit

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Bad Boy Stitch Premium Ultimate Cornerman Kit

The Ultimate in Cornerman Supplies!

The last thing a fighter wants is for a fight to be cut short due to injury.

This is merely one of the reasons a Cornerman is such a valuable member of your fight team. The Stitch Premium Ultimate Cornerman Kit contains everything a great Cornerman needs to keep fighter’s fighting at their best.

BAD BOY Stitch Premium Cornerman Kit contains:

4 Pack of EZ Tape (Assorted widths): Contains 1/2 inch, 1 inch, and 1 1/2 inch widths for secure hand or ankle wraps. Serrated edges make it quick to tear and apply.

4x Power Gauze: Gauze to wrap and protect hands. The fine edge polycotton material does not fray or splinter.

KO Swell: The KO Swell is crucial for managing bruising and swelling between rounds.

Scissors: Extra sharp stainless steel blade to get through several layers of gauze and tape. Safety tip to avoid nicking a fighter’s hand when cutting away wraps.

Wrist Wrap: Every second counts between rounds. A wrist wrap keeps swabs for cuts and nose bleeds right at hand.

BAD BOY Stitch Premium Cornerman case has the accessibility and durability that a Cornerman needs. Constructed of nylon with a three-sided zipper closure, the case allows for easy storage with its additional mesh storage pockets. It also comes complete with a strong nylon strap for easy carrying or hanging. This perfect carry size case is ideal for coaches, trainers and cornermen to carry all their supplies and equipment.

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