Bad Boy Pro Series 2.0 Thai II Gloves

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Bad Boy Pro Series 2.0 Thai II Gloves

These gloves are perfect for all your training needs. They have been fully tested for shock absorbent, with padding suitable for the highest level of workouts. 


  • Full wraparound elastic leather velcro wrist closure for easy on and off
  • Extra long cuff for better wrist protection
  • Bad Boy Pro Series Logo design
  • Highest grade engineered leather construction for long lasting durability and great feel
  • Rolled foam for balanced impact distribution and flexibility for clinch work
  • High quality, breathable comfort inner lining


What size do I need?
Boxing gloves are measured in ounces. The 8 and 10oz gloves are ideal for professional bouts or bag/pad work. The 12oz gloves are also good for bag/pad work. The extra weight in a 12oz glove will help to build stamina and punching power. Whilst the 14 and 16oz are designed for free sparring.

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