Bad Boy Stitch Premium- KO Swell Curved Iron

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BAD BOY Stitch Premium KO Swell Curved Cut Iron

The Ultimate in Cornerman Supplies

The BAD BOY KO Swell Curved Cut Iron also referred to, as an enswell is an essential piece of kit for any Cornerman.

Developed for the demands of the amateur and professional fighter, this Premium KO Swell Curved Cut Iron is a result of BAD BOY and Jacob “Stitch” Duran’s collaboration.

In any combat sport where the risk of face injury is possible, especially Boxing or MMA, a BAD BOY Swell Curved Cut Iron should be on hand to reduce injury swelling. The enswell’s Curve allows it to glide and conform easily to the natural shape of the face, with the option of using the opposite flat side if preferred.

The Cut Iron should be kept cool in ice-cold water between rounds for best results. It can also be kept in the freezer leading up to a fight. The cold causes the capillaries to constrict and helps reduce swelling. It should be applied to any swollen or bruised tissue with light pressure, commonly surrounding a cut.

Stitch’s Tips:

  • Maintain pressure for 1 minute for capillary bleeding or 3-5 minutes for heavy bleeding.
  • Don’t be afraid to press firmly. Most people, even some cut-men, have too light a touch. 
  • Never use excessive force or “iron” on the skin. This will only spread the sub-dermal damage. Apply light pressure and let the chilled steel do the rest.


  • Exclusive 2 in 1 design
  • Contoured stainless steel design to minimize swelling & bruising around the cheekbones and eyebrows
  • Flat surface is great for swelling and bruising on the temples and forehead

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