Welcome to Bad Boy, Lucas Barbosa

Lucas Barbosa has officially joined our pro BJJ team. Lucas was an absolute terror at the brown belt level in the Meio Pesado (88kg/194lbs) and Absolute divisions, including gi and no-gi world championship wins in 2015. He was also the 2015 Abu Dhabi World Pro champion in the brown belt Absolutes. The dominant showing made it an easy decision for master André Fabiano to promote him to black belt. He immediately saw success even against the higher level of competition by storming through the IBJJF Dallas No-gi Open, submitting Tasso Rocha in the final match of the tournament. He has since moved to Atos in San Diego to train under renowned black belt André Galvão.

Barbosa will be representing us and our new Legacy Master gi at the 2016 Worlds and other gi competitions. He'll be in our Sphere Compression line for upcoming no-gi tournaments.

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