Vicente Junior's seminars in Europe

November in Europe is the start of the winter season: shorter days, colder temperatures and grumpy faces. The perfect season to spend more time inside training and developing your BJJ skills. Vicente Junior spent his month of November teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminars in various European countries: Ireland, UK, France and Portugal. He brought with him the warmth of his personality to cheer up European BJJ practitioners attending the seminars. The focus of those seminars was on the sweep and keep of the De la Riva guard, the different ways to defend it and how to hold it.

Vicente Junior is a 4th degree black belt under BJJ Legend Ricardo de La Riva. 

This BJJ European tour was also the occasion for Vicente to try out the new Bad Boy Pro Series Champion Gi, the new Bad Boy Legacy Master Gi and the new Bad Boy rashguards: the Bad Boy Art of Lua Rash Guard and the Bad Boy Shadow Assasin Rash Guard.

Vicente landed in Ireland to meet up with Alexandre Leite from and De la Riva BJJ Academy for the first seminar.

Vicente and Alexandre both wearing the Bad Boy Pro Series Champion Gi

He then crossed the sea over to the UK and gave a small group lesson at the Royal Air Force base in Mildenhall just before teaching a larger group at the Roger Gracie Academy Bucks.

Vicente wearing the Bad Boy Legacy Master Gi

Next stop: France

Vicente rode the train between London and Paris. He came to Paris to teach two seminars and meet with the Bad Boy Europe team. The two seminars were hold in collaboration with the RNK Academy in Paris and black belt Akio Long who met Vicente several years ago in Rio during a competition. The story says they became friends after Vicente choke Akio 4 times in a row. One of the two seminars was a Kids class. It is important to Vicente to hand over his knowledge to the young ones, the same way he does with his son Gabriel that he has been training for ... ever!

Finally, Vicente Junior headed back to London to the Mill Hill BJJ Academy and made a final stop in Lisbon on the way back to the US, at Gracie Jiu Jitsu Lisboa academy.

During those two weeks of travelling and training with the Bad Boy BJJ gear, Vicente enjoyed the “comfort, new material and the quality” of the Bad Boy Pro Series Champion Gi and the Bad Boy Legacy Master Gi

Vicente Junior has been the face of the Bad Boy BJJ team since 2003 and as he says “Bad Boy is family now”. We are very grateful to share with Vicente the love of martial arts, respect, friendship and the will to develop our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gear with such a great and nice athlete.  

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