Alexander Gustafsson new victory and Signature gear line

Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson proved once again he wants that title shot again. By beating by unanimous decision Jan Blachowicz at UFC Fight Night in Hamburg, Germany, he showed his dedication and respect to the sport and to his opponent. He declared during his preparation "I am proud when I am number one. This is my time now." Gustafsson wants it and showed that he is ready for it.

Simulteanously, Bad Boy announced the launch of a "Mauler" signature range co-developped with Alexander Gustafsson. The full range includes boxing gloves, shin guards, MMA gloves, handwraps, fight shorts and one t-shirt in three different colorways. Launched the week before the fight in Europe and this week in the US, the Mauler signature line is already a big hit!

Alexander Gustafsson is part of the top 3 European MMA fighters and people believe in him to be a very serious contender to the UFC Light Heavyweight champion title.

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