Sydney, Australia
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Kanan Clarke-Jones was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and moved to the Australian coast with his family at age four. He grew up in the surf and spent all his time in the water until at 14, he discovered jiu-jitsu. At that point he was splitting time between the ocean and grappling lessons from Peter De Been.

After being awarded his blue belt, he fudged his way into adult competitions despite being under the age of 18 and took home regional gold medals. In 2014 he began training at Alliance in Sao Paulo to chase a purple belt from Master Fabio Gurgel.

It’s not all on the mats for Kanan these days. He’s been appearing in the Storm Surfers movies and series along with his father, big wave rider and surfing Hall of Famer Ross Clarke-Jones. He’s been working on the same big wave style his pops was famous for and doing tow in work at “The Bombie,” a large left hander on the southern coast of Australia.

Storm Surfers