BAD BOY Strike II Shorts

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Bad Boy Strike Boxing Gloves

Made for Boxing athletes, the BAD BOY Strike Boxing Gloves benefit from a tough synthetic leather and highly absorbent foam for rigorous training sessions.

Those BAD BOY Strike Boxing Gloves feature two reinforced areas, on the front and top of the glove, to deliver full hand protection. This dual covering helps to reduce the injury risk on phalanx, metacarpus and carpus bones. With this added full protection, you can practice Traditional Boxing and Kickboxing with total confidence.

Built with injected foam and reinforced palm, the BAD BOY Strike Boxing Gloves ensure a perfect shock absorption, on each impact, strike after strike.

Their ergonomic shape will help improve your fighting experience, through better hand positioning along with firm and secure wrist support.


  • Composition: 100% Ultra-resistant PVC
  • Dual side protection for a traditional boxing and kickboxing
  • Injected foam for high shock absorbing
  • Reinforced foam for superior absorption from kicks
  • Ergonomic shape to improve hand positioning
  • Firm velcro strap that helps maintain a secure fit
  • Attached thumb to protect training partners from eye injuries and adds support to avoid thumb twisting

Recommended use for cardio training including pad and bag work

*Not recommended for intense training and sparring

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