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Bad Boy Sweat Suit

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Bad Boy Sweat Suit

Lose weight fast!

The Sweat Suit also known as a Sauna Suit is a great way to lose weight fast. Our Sweat Suits will help you lose weight in a fast but healthy fashion.

The Sweat Suit uses your natural body heat that is generated from exercise to increase your perspiration during your workout. This increase in your body temperature due to the sauna effect the Sweat Suit creates will increase your metabolism and calorie burning whilst ridding your body of unwanted toxins. This enables you to maximise the weight loss in your workout and in certain circumstances doubling or tripling your workout results.

Maximize your weight loss during workouts!

Strong superior sweat suit with velcro wrist fastening for maximum effect.

Unlike many on the market, this suit has a rubberised interior lining for maximum heat entrapment.

Bad Boy Pro Series Logo Design embroidered

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